March 22nd - 26th, 2023

Spouses & Significant Others Are Welcome, Too!


Spouses and Significant Others are Welcome!

>Spouses and Significant Others are not only invited to attend the Keystone Conference, but play an integral part in the success of the conference! Several of our seminars and workshops are specifically designed to help develop your relationship into one that is open, honest and healthy with your transgender partner. We make every effort to provide a safe place to share your feelings, ask those tough questions and discover that you are not alone.

We realize and acknowledge the difficulties in coping with the issues of a transgender loved one. We hope to not only help you understand your partner better, but also just as important, to help them to understand and respect your concerns and feelings.

Attending your first transgender conference as a Spouse or SO can be quite unnerving. You may feel awkward and overwhelmed, but please do not shy away and slink back to your room. We want to hear your thoughts and questions. There is no doubt you will see and hear stories of wrecked lives and relationships, but there are positive stories, too. And our goal is to learn and relay those positive stories in hopes of building a better relationship for you. We encourage you to participate in as many of the seminars and workshops as you can.

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