Ms. Gabrielle Spierer

Ms. Gabrielle Spierer is a 60 yr old transgender woman who spent most of her life since the mid 1960's dealing with her gender identity issues privately. She did this until 2008, when she had to be more authentic and spent more time publicly as herself. Realizing who she was, Gabby began transition in 2010 and completed it in Junes 2013 when she came out at her job and to about 1,000 customers successfully. She was the first openly transgender person to work for Newsday, the 13th largest newspaper in the US and published in Long Island, NY. Gabrielle is a writer, speaker, advocate for trans rights and a member of LITAC, The Long Island Transgender Advocacy Coalition and the Empire Pride Agenda. She has spoken at many high schools, colleges and other organizations on transgender issues, the importance of a support system, being authentic and building resilience. As a child of holocaust survivors, Gabby comes from a difficult family and marital background, but she has changed her entire life and has built a wonderful support system. She works with support groups and She has become friends with her ex-spouse and has also been working on her relationship with her 24 yr old son. Ms Spierer is back in college full time finishing her undergraduate degree and then plans to get her MCSW to do counseling.