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There is a lot going on at Keystone and we don't want you to get lost in the crowd! To help some attendees quickly find presentations, workshops and activities particular to their own interest, we will be organizing some of these conference events into "Programs", each with their own page.

Keystone is not only an educational and informative conference, but very much an inspirational and social occasion. After all, we describe it as "A Celebration of Gender Diversity", and we do love to celebrate our transgender identity with all our family, friends, allies and supporters! If you have a question about a specific program, please feel free to contact the individual program coordinator at the email address displayed on the respective page.

Helping Hand Nervous? Need a friend with a warm smile? If you are feeling a bit faint-hearted, consider connecting with Keystone's Helping Hand program. These volunteers are here to answer questions and help put aside any fears you may have about facing the world as you take those first steps out of the 'proverbial closet.' They can be your first contact...

Transmen Our Transmen program at Keystone continues to grow with more transmen workshops, activities and gatherings specifically designed for the guys. We work hard to find a series of presentations that will not only be informative, but also effective to the men in our community. By request, we schedule the majority of the events on the weekend but...

Debutante We know that one of the biggest sources of anxiety many of us have is in our presentation, demeanor and being out in public. The Debutante Program is a series of events and activities hosted by the experienced sisters of the Vanity Club who are at ease in the public eye and want to help you feel the same. They have shopping trips, nail salon visits, workshops...

Spouse/Significant Other Spouses and Significant Others are not only invited to attend the Keystone Conference, but play an integral part in the success of the conference! Several of our seminars and workshops are specifically designed to help develop your relationship into one that is open, honest and healthy with your Transgender partner. We make every effort to provide a safe place...

Family & Youth We know that young people and families struggle with issues unique to their being trans & gender-questioning. Education and socialization are two vital tools to help us find personal satisfaction, gain acceptance and realize our goals of achievement; and we are providing both, here at Keystone, for trans and gender-questioning youth and their families.

Continuing Education Welcome licensed professional counselors, marriage therapists and social workers and therapists! Because your knowledge of transgender people is so important to our community, we want to help you further your knowledge of us. We are co-sponsored by Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research...

Educators We at the Keystone Conference wish a warm welcome to primary and secondary school educators and staff. Your thorough understanding of transgender and gender expansive children is essential to your ability to provide the support they so
critically require.

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