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Daily Schedule for Friday March 24, 2017

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9:00A Maximize Your Masculinity (Fitness For T-Men) Asa Frederick TBA


Presenter: Asa Frederick Learn how to create a more natural, masculine image using your body weight and core strengthening exercises. For those that have surpassed body weight exercises and prefer using weights, upon request, the instructor will guide you through proper form and safe lifting. This is a fitness workshop - so wear something loose fitting and comfortable; sweats, shorts, tanks, sneakers, etc.
9:00A Will the Supreme Court Take Away Your Bathroom Rights? Rachel Alpert TBA


The U.S. Supreme Court will decide this year whether transgender people can be required to use the bathroom associated with the gender on their birth certificate rather than the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity. And Donald T. gets to appoint the judge with the likely deciding vote. What is the case all about? How did it get to the Supreme Court? What may happen? How does it affect us? Come with your questions, your concerns and your ideas!
9:00A How to Get Read in 10 Seconds Flat: A Genetic Woman's Perspectives on Enhancing the MTF Image Michelle Popkov
Ann Grogan


You think makeup, clothes, and hair are all you need? If you wish to pass in the mainstream, there are many ways that you give yourself away that you may not even be aware of. This seminar is aimed at the novice MTF in enhancing the feminine image and prepare counter strategies for these giveaways. Your confidence and feminine presentation will improve dramatically with just a few adjustments.
9:00A Gender Surgeries and Psychology Blending the Two: Bringing out the Beauty in You Dr. Tim Herley TBA

Dr. Herley

Dr. Tim Herley will provide a presentation to help better understand the psychology of “Beauty". Why is it such a powerful force in everyday life? Identifying one’s “True Self” brings beauty from the inside; Gender and Aesthetic Surgeries bring beauty from the outside. Together they give a transperson the best potential for “A Better Life”. In this discussion we look at how identity and beauty are one and the same. In addition we explore the psychological effects of Gender Confirmation and Aesthetic Surgeries. Begin to have the World Embrace the “Trans-Community” by Embracing Yourself. All are encouraged to come to the Workshop to hear all about “Gender Surgeries and Psychology - Blending the Two: Bringing out the Beauty in You“
9:00A Make The Right Call: Transition As A High Level Amateur Sports Referee Stephanie Shostak TBA


When athletes and/or coaches come out as transgender, their stories make headlines. But what many sports fans do not realize is that it is not just players and/or coaches who are making waves of progress in the sports world. Most people forget about the referees. No matter what the sport, referees are expected to be perfect. They are expected to see everything that is happening - see it perfectly; use their judgement; and make the right call. There is no other profession like it in the world. Now add the stress of living in constant fear of having your deepest, darkest secret, come out of the closet while you are refereeing. This seminar will allow you to see my journey, from my eyes, as the first transgender high level amateur sports referee in North America.
9:00A Letter Writing for Counselors Continuing Education Liz Leen TBA


This workshop will outline the process of evaluating clients for hormone therapy and surgical interventions. Providing information that must be in a letter to a prescribing physician. The workshop is based on guidelines from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care (7th Edition), and the DSM-5’s criteria for Gender Dysphoria. The workshop will explore the general assessment process for both trans men and trans women, as well as those who identify as genderqueer and gender expansive.
9:00A The Eyes Have It! Elizabeth Taylor TBA


Make your eyes pop with a demonstration eye makeup workshop with DC’s own Elizabeth Taylor. Discover what colors complement your eyes, hair, and clothes. Learn how to create your own classic eye and smokey eye with vibrant colors. Customize your eyeliner, feminize your brow, and create perfectly curled, dramatic natural eyelashes. Attend today and have all eyes on you when you walk into the room!
9:00A Inclusive Safer Sex Kelly Gainor TBA


Practicing safer sex is crucial to maintaining sexual health. However, if safer sex is taught in schools, it is usually from a straight and cis perspective. So how do ALL people, of ALL ages, gender identities, and sexual orientations, keep themselves safer from STIs and and unwanted pregnancy? In this workshop, we will explore all the different options people have to keep themselves and their partners safe. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with different methods of prevention and discuss which methods would be right in which situations, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. We will also discuss testing for STIs and HIV and places that offer Trans*-inclusive care.
9:00A Transition and Recovery: The Balancing Act Continuing Education Amy Keisling TBA


Are you in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse? Having a social and support group during transition can be challenging if working your program prevents you from working the available social activities. Going out publicly as who you are can be an anxiety-producing experience : lots of social events can be alcohol-centered. How can someone in recovery find support and connection without risking relapse? The goal of this workshop is to provide a place of safety and understanding for attendees in recovery. Come share and build support for yourself and others.
9:00A SO Sanctuary Suite 543

The "Spouse & Significant Other Sanctuary" is a reguge, open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to all spouses and significant others of transgender partners ONLY. It is a place where you, the partner of a transgender person, can relax and speak freely to other spouses and significant others.

In the evening, the SO Sanctuary is opened further to spouses/SO's and their trans-partners for various receptions.

Keys for the sanctuary may be obtained from our sanctuary leaders or from the Keystone Conference Registration Desk. Our sanctuary leaders are always just a phone call away to offer their shoulder, support, encourage and stand with you. You may contact them at (717) 508-7292. Please join us in supporting each other--there is hope and help, together.
9:00A Free HIV/STD Testing Alder Health Services Room 101

Getting tested for HIV and STDs is one important thing you can do to protect your health, your relationships, and your future. You can access free HIV and STD testing right here at Keystone, offered by Alder Health Services. Alder Health is a health services organization focusing on improving the health and well-being of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ community by providing a culturally competent and affirming environment that empowers the people they serve.

The testing will be conducting using both urine and blood samples. Urine tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea while blood tests for syphilis and HIV. Rapid HIV tests will be available on a case-by-case basis. Results typically take 1-2 weeks and Alder Health will not contact you unless there is a positive result. Individuals are welcome to call in after a week to receive their results over the telephone. If a test is positive, Alder Health provides free treatment to local folks. Those who are not local and test positive, Alder Health is able to call a prescription into a pharmacy near you and will assist in finding a free clinic in your area.

The Alder Health team will be on site to provide free HIV and STD testing on Friday, March 24, 2017 from 9am-4pm. No appointment is needed. Stop by their table for more information and to sign up. Questions, please contact Alder Health at info@AlderHealth.org or call 717-233-7190.
10:00A Tea Time with Jenny Jenny Jensen Hotel Restaurant

For those of you that are attending the Keystone Conference for the first time or feel you need a little moral support, join Jenny Jensen as she hosts 'Tea Time with Jenny.' It’s an informal gathering of first timers, newcomers and anxious attendees in a comfortable and discreet setting. It’s an opportunity for those that are unsure of themselves and want to start off their Keystone experience on a good footing, learn a little more about the conference and how it can help them.

We can also provide you with a Big Sister or Big Brother to help you get through the apprehension, worry and nervousness you might be feeling attending the Conference. For more information and to sign up for 'Tea Time with Jenny' contact Jenny at HelpingHand@Keystone-Conference.org to start your Keystone Conference off on a positive and enjoyable note.

'Tea Time with Jenny' starts each morning at 10 am in the Dog and Pony Lounge.
10:30A Couple's Therapy Michele Angello TBA

Dr. Angello

Dr. Michele Angello devotes much of her practice to counseling couples with a transgender or transitioning partner. In this workshop- open to all who are in a committed relationship that contains a transgender or gender non-conforming person- she will engage the audience in discussing typical problems and will suggest methods for their resolution. She will also serve as moderator so participants can share their own experiences and issues in a collective and supporting setting.
10:30A Elderly Transgender Advocacy: Protecting and Caring for the Oldest Members of Our Community Continuing Education Cai Nowicki TBA


The number of transgender people of retirement age and even older is increasing every year. This population faces many challenges, some common among the elderly and others unique to those with a queer or transgender history. It is vitally important that allies and transgender people of all ages know how to protect themselves and their loved ones as they grow older. This workshop will explain the needs of the elderly transgender population and how to work to meet those needs on an individual and community basis.
10:30A Successful Shopping for Your Most Feminine Silhoutte Monica Prata TBA


Let’s make shopping fun, and not stressful! Learn how to accentuate your most feminine features while skillfully disguising the masculine. Professional stylist Monica Prata teaches you the tricks of the trade; where to shop and what to look for using live models and lots of audience participation. Learn about the proportional differences in the male vs. female body and just what you can do to make your shape look it’s absolutely most feminine! Discover which blouse shape best disguises broad shoulders, to which shoe styles will actually make your feet appear smaller. Monica Prata answers your questions and shares her secrets!
10:30A A Positive Body Image with FTM Top and Bottom Surgery: Superior Aesthetic Results in a One-Stage Procedure – Keeping it Simple and Safe Sherman Leis TBA

Dr. Leis

Options for FTM Top Surgery will be presented and variety of cases will demonstrate excellent results in masculinization of the chest. Options for Phalloplasty will also be discussed. Dr. Leis will utilize multiple case presentations to demonstrate superior aesthetic results obtainable utilizing abdominal or groin flaps for Phalloplasty, labial deconstruction for Scrotoplasty and the options of testicular and penile implants. This surgery is done in one stage and results in a sensate penis via clitoral transposition, no grossly deformed donor site and the ability to have sexual intercourse with erotic sensation.
10:30A Transition IN Community(s) Lilia Weber TBA


Decades ago, the model for a transgender person to transition was to effectively go into a self-designated witness protection program and sever all connections to their previous identity. That path had huge costs to the individual and isn't the generally accepted model anymore. Lilia, the presenter, recently completed her public transition and has remained connected to her full life. Our goal shouldn't just to be the gender we need to be but to be all the person we are meant to be. Lilia will present her experience with her transition process and the communities that give her strength and help her stay grounded during her ongoing transition. The workshop will have additional time for group discussion at the end of the session.
10:30A Personal Protection and Confrontation Avoidance Amanda Porter TBA


Anti-LGBT violence is on the rise. Fear and uncertainty within the LGBT community is also increasing. Transgender people are often targeted for hate violence based on their non-conformity with gender norms and/or their perceived sexual orientation. Hate crimes against transgender people tend to be particularly violent. The Human Rights Campaign makes it clear that Transgender people face a disproportionate amount of violence and hate, even when compared to other non-trans LGBT people. In 2016, 25 people were killed in the US. just because they were transgender.

In this seminar you will learn how to recognize and avoid situations that could possibly put you at risk. You will be shown how to not present yourself as a victim and how to recognize an attacker. If you are confronted, learn what to do and how to respond. Simple self defense release moves will be demonstrated. Audience participation in practicing these moves is encouraged but not mandatory.
10:30A Bridging The Gaps: Uniting the Commonwealth's Transgender Community Sharron Cooks TBA


The purpose of this workshop is to bring together Pennsylvania's transgender community for the purpose of community relationship building and stratergizing on how we can maintain a network of individuals who are dedicated to advocating for policies in various areas in the Commonwealth that will help make the lives of transgender Pennsylvania's easier. This workshop is meant to serve as a mechanism to discuss the current socio-political and economic issues members of the trans community are facing particularly in PA. This workshop will be the start of an ongoing conversation about the state of affairs for our community.
10:30A Polish Your Professional Style Sheryl Trower
Duffy Johnson


Topics include introductions and handshakes, making a good first impression, self presentation skills including sitting, standing and walking, networking skills, appearance and attire, email and phone etiquette, and thank you notes. Other topics will be addressed as per audience input.
12:00P Dining Deportment Monica Prata Dog & Pony Lounge

Dining while expressing feminine poise, posture and mannerisms can be a difficult feat. Join the table to dine “en-femme” with Monica Prata as she hosts her interactive “Feminine Dining Deportment” seminar. Put your skills to test while learning through live models as Monica Prata demonstrates the innate difference between male and female dining mannerisms and shares with you, her simple secrets to being more feminine while dining.  Participants will dine in the Dog & Pony Private Dining Room rather than the Commonwealth Ballroom and therefore will not be present for the luncheon guest speaker.

You must pre-register for this workshop.
12:00P Spouse/SO Luncheon at the Lancaster Brewing Company SO Directors Front Lobby

Spouses and significant others are invited to join others for an offsite luncheon at the Lancaster Brewing Company. Please meet in the hotel lobby at 11:45 am and call (717) 508-7292. Registration required.
12:00P Friday Luncheon with Guest Speaker Perry Cohen Mr. Perry Cohen Commonwealth Ballroom

Perry Cohen is the Founder and Executive Director of The Venture Out Project, a non-profit committed to providing a safe and fun space for trans and queer folks to experience the outdoors. In 2014, newly out as transgender and ready for even more change, Perry left his job as a member of the executive team at the 10th largest privately held company in the US to create The Venture Out Project. Knowing that his connection to nature and outdoor adventure had been one of the things that kept Perry grounded and safe during his transition, he sought to bring that same type of experience to others in the trans community. To date The Venture Out Project has over 100 alumni and has worked with people and organizations around the world. Perry holds an M.Ed and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. A native of New Hampshire, Perry lives in Western Massachusetts with his partner, their two children, and their chocolate lab.
1:30P Debutante Outing Debutante Sisters Front Lobby

Looking to do a little shopping or get your nails done but ae a little nervous to go alone? Join our Big Sisters on a Debutante Outing to local stores and shops. They can help you achieve your 'look' and help alleviate any jitters and apprehensions about being out in public. So if you want to get serious about your appearance and learn some of the tricks of the trade come join our Big Sisters. Contact the Debutante Program Director at debutante@keystone-conference.org with questions.
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
1:45P After Lunch Bowling Calvin Phillips Front Lobby

Come join Calvin for a few games of bowling at one of our local alleys. If you have questions, please contact him at Calvin.R.Phillips@gmail.com.
This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
2:00P Facial Feminization: How We Evaluate Your Facial Features and Customize Treatment for Optimal Results Continuing Education Sherman Leis TBA

Dr. Leis

Dr. Leis will demonstrate and explain classic prototypes of masculine and feminine facial features. He will discuss a variety of options for feminizing facial features and demonstrate that in the majority of cases, excellent results can be obtained without extensive and expensive cranio-facial surgery. Cases are shown demonstrating excellent and natural results from selective and customized facial feminization procedures.
2:00P WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), the Standards of Care, and Counseling the Trans-Identified Patient Continuing Education Dr. Michele Angello TBA

Dr. Angello

The presentation will identify the recommended requirements to be met prior to medical transition as well as the counselling process gender specialists use to determine the need for transitional treatment methods.
2:00P Transgender Voters and Transgender Voting James Halleman TBA


Voting is a way for people to have a voice when voting for candidates however, voting also allows people a voice in your local community when voting on ballot questions. Transgender people tend to have higher percentage rates of registered voters compared to many other communities. Is the Transgender community disenfranchised in voting? Is there as much voter fraud as media stories perpetuate? What is the difference between voter impersonation and voter fraud? What can Transgender voters do to lessen their chances of being turn away, or being given a provisional ballot at the polls. This workshop explains how voters can be better educated about the voting franchise using scholarly and governmental information about the voting franchise.
2:00P Intimate Partner Violence in the Transgender Community Sarah Moore TBA


Violence in the home is one of the most under reported crimes in the nation. This happens for a variety of reasons but when it happens in the LGBTQ community those reporting levels plummet substantially. This workshop will introduce the dynamics of power and control that are present in these relationships and dispel the myths that this type of violence is caused by drugs, alcohol or anger. We will then discuss the help that is available, how to access it and how to best assist our family and friends that are being abused.
2:00P Transgender in Faith Jennifer Lehman
Karen Lehman
Rev. Kelly Wiant


In this workshop, we explore the role that faith has played in our transgender journey and the journey of others in our lives. God works in mysterious ways and we are all instruments of His plan. Ms. Jennifer Lehman will share her story of the role that her faith played in her transition in 2013 and how by following this faith journey it has made an impact on the faith journey for others in her congregation. In addition, Reverend Kelly Wiant of Market Square Presbyterian Church will share the impact that the attendees from the 2016 Keystone Conference had on her congregation. The workshop will also provide time for participants to share their faith based stories. Come share your story and hear how God is working in all of our lives! Looking for a church service to attend after the conference? Reverend Wiant and Market Square are again inviting conference attendees to for the 11:00 Sunday service. See the Sunday Schedule for more details.
2:00P Wig Selection and Maintenance Donna Miller TBA


In this workshop, Donna will explain the differences between human hair and synthetic hair pieces, the different type of fibers used and how to get a proper fit. Participants will be able to model several different types of wigs while the room helps decide which is best and why.
2:00P My Year at Muncy Kelli Reilly TBA


Kelli will be discussing her experience as PA'S first preoperative transgender female inmate to be transferred to a female facility and how recent changes to PREA made that transfer possible.
2:00P Transgender Military Service: A New Reality Bree Fram TBA


On June 30th, 2016 the Department of Defense announced the end of the ban on transgender military service. Since then the transgender military community has experienced elation and anticipation followed by uncertainty and concern. We celebrated the announcement of open service, but recognized there was a lot of work still to be done on the practical implementation of the policy over the next few months. With the emergence of policy, people began engaging with the process and discovered there was still widespread disparity in information and results. After the election uncertainty, doubt, and fear about attempts to roll-back the policy change crept into the conversation. This workshop will discuss the past year of events surrounding open transgender military service. We’ll cover the policy changes across the services as well as the implementation challenges and success stories that have occurred. We’ll also discuss the current environment surrounding transgender issues in the military, where we go from here, and have Q&A with currently serving transgender members of the armed services.
2:00P Telling Your Children Continuing Education Alexis Lake TBA


There are many factors to consider in coming out to your children as a transgender parent. First, do they need to know at all, if you are not publicly transitioning? Of course, there are the how, when and where issues, not to mention the developmental level of the kids in question, and the knowledge/support of their other parent. These factors will all be addressed in this workshop. The more elusive aspects we want to challenge you to think about are your own level of comfort with yourself and your existing relationships with your children. What are your goals? What do you want them to feel and to understand about this part of you? How can you help them to feel safe and loved through this transition in your family? We will go over some basic recommendations to keep in mind, but also invite you to ask your own questions and share your personal experiences with telling your children - your successes, disasters, and everything in between.
3:30P Navigating the Legal Name Change Process in Pennsylvania Continuing Education Thomas Ude TBA


A legal name change affirms identity, and improves safety and security. To obtain a legal name change in Pennsylvania, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. This workshop will review the steps in the court’s process, explain what one will need to begin and complete that process, and provide information about assistance that is available.
3:30P MtF Gender Confirming Surgeries - World Class Techniques Continuing Education Dr. Kathy Rumer TBA


This workshop provides an opportunity for Dr. Rumer to discuss her world class MtF Gender Confirming Surgical procedures such as FFS, BA, Body Contouring, and GRS. She will also unveil a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Rumer will then open the floor for answering specific questions after her power point presentation, and will be available for complimentary consultation while at the conference. Please call us at 855-782-5665 prior to the conference and schedule your complimentary consultation.
3:30P IT’S NOT Not Natural – the Biology of Sex and Gender Continuing Education Brenda Vulpes TBA


The title makes reference to a range of negative statements made by GLBTQ opponents. Authoritative assertions such as, “it goes against the laws of nature”, reflect a complete lack of understanding of sexual expression in the natural world. This raises the question, what do sex and gender really mean from a scientific perspective? This workshop will explore how the sexes differ, how they are similar, and how sexual expression and gender identity are more naturally viewed as a broad range of forms and behaviors. We will examine mechanisms of sex determination and development, including the roles of chromosomes, genes, hormones, and the environment. Mechanisms of sex determination are remarkably similar across all animals, making them directly relevant to the human experience. The extreme diversity of sexual expression in nature provides the basis for understanding just what is natural?
3:30P So You Want to Start a Business: Tips and Ideas to Get You Up and Running Perry Cohen TBA


The workshop will begin by Perry telling the story of how he created The Venture Out Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping LGBTQ folks find themselves and their community through shared outdoor adventure. He will talk to you about how he incorporated, the legal and tax requirements of forming a business and hiring employees, and some of the challenges and highlights of Venture Out’s first three years. From there, Perry will take you through visioning activities to help you create the solid foundation for your organization. In small groups you will create or refine the Vision, Mission and Values of your potential business. In the time remaining you will set goals and objectives for your organization and learn ways to keep yourself accountable to your timeline and goals. Even if you don’t yet have an idea for a non-profit, business or other organization, this is a great workshop to get you thinking about how to build the organization of your dreams or even just how to advance your own career, whatever it may be.
3:30P 40 Years & Wandering No More Karen Holmes TBA

I want to talk about my transition and how I prepared myself for it. How I approached it to make it successful with my family, friends, job, and my volunteer organizations. Now serving in the military for 5 years after I went full time I have been accepted band supported. Everyone’s transition is different, but I hope to help someone in making their own choice or pick and choose from mine. Talk about the things that I am involved with that when and if I tell someone I am a transsexual they will except me for me and the good things I do for my community, state, and country.
3:30P Relationships within the Context of Gender and Sexuality Dr. Tim Herley TBA

Dr. Herley

This participatory workshop will explore the feelings of anyone in the Trans Community who has or would like to express their identity to their spouse, girlfriend and or significant other. Regardless of your unique situation whether you are full-time, part-time, have realized your identity early or late. Whether, you consider yourself to be transgender, crossdresser, genderfluid, MTF or other. Whether, you sexually identify as straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or other. As a group let’s hear each other’s stories so that may learn from one another. There are always similarities and differences from where we come from. Hopefully by sharing stories you will discover where you are going and where you would like to be in your current or future relationship. So come share your story in this workshop and let’s find some strategies and new ways to communicate in the relationship you are in or would like to be in.
3:30P Hormone Management Continuing Education Dr. Jarrett Sell TBA


The workshop will explore the issues in hormone management, explain options and protocols with use. Attendees will get a better understanding of expectations as well as understand potential side-effects.
3:30P Building Bridges Into Our Communities Corinne Goodwin
Amanda Porter


Whether you are an individual, a member or leader of a local support group, or an activist it is more important than ever that we not only support each other, but communicate with and build bridges into both the transgender and the mainstream communities. We will explore a spectrum of activities that you can become involved in – from simple and easy to complex and robust - that can make a difference to our community. Whether you are in introvert or an extrovert, a leader or a follower, this seminar will help to inspire to seek out ways that you can make a positive difference for the transgender community. In this interactive seminar, Amanda and Corinne will help learners to understand what activities they can become involved in on Micro (working singly without being “out”), Metro (mentoring and getting involved with the local community) and Macro (leadership and outreach) levels. A key focus will be placed on becoming an effective communicator and representative for the trans community.
3:30P Tgirls and Triangles or How to Not Look like a Dude in a Dress... Espy Lopez
Linda Lewis
Lisa Laws


Classic curves will be celebrating thirty years in serving the transgender community and specializes in body prosthetic and shape configuration.
5:00P Friday Keystone Reception Keystone Vendors Vendor Area

Come join us for Friday's cocktail reception held in in the Vendor Area (Pennsylvania Ballroom) across from the hotel lobby. Hosted by our wonderful conference vendors and service providers, come enjoy some social time prior to departing for our dining out in downtown Harrisburg.
5:00P Friends of Bill W. Ash

This meeting welcomes those who think they have a problem with alcohol and/or any other substance, and will be based on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help others to achieve sobriety.
6:00P Family & Youth Meet & Greet Family & Youth Suite 1008

Did you just check in and your family isn’t sure what to do? Your dear children are annoying each other already and you know they need a bit of a distraction? Maybe you are a teenager and want to find other teenagers so you aren’t hanging out with your embarrassing yet loving parents? Join us for a family and youth meet and greet! This meet and greet time will be a great way to kick-off your Keystone Conference experience. If you are a parent, caregiver, teenager, or child this will be a great time to meet other families and make some friendships that might last forever! See you there!
6:15P B-I-N-G-Ohhhh!! Mason Katzman NA

You are invited to an Athena's Home Novelties Sex Toy Bingo presented to you by Team 1-2-69!! We will laugh and learn, and of course, we will win some amazing products from the Athena's line.

Doors will open at 6:15, and the first 10 players to walk through the door will receive a free prize, so don't be late!!! The first round of bingo will start promptly at 7pm. There will be 12 rounds of bingo for only $15!!! Purchase your tickets ahead of time and your name will go into a raffle for a FREE Womanizer, a retail value of $165!! Additional strips of bingo cards and raffle tickets can be purchased at the door as well. We will even have raffle baskets to give away and some lucky winners will be able to start their own Athena's business for FREE!!!

Once our bingo is wrapped up, continue to stay at Champs for some awesome featured drinks and shots and dance the night away on the dance floor. There will be a DJ there to keep the fun going all night long.

You are encouraged to sign up in advance to reserve tickets and tables here.

This is a Keystone Co-Event and not directly associated with the Keystone Conference. Co-Events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who are extending a special invitation to all Keystone participants. For more information about this event, please contact the host of the event directly.
6:15P Dinner at Cafe Fresco Katie Ward Front Lobby

Take part in the Cafe' Fresco experience! Located in the center of downtown Harrisburg's restaurant row, Cafe' Fresco offers a variety of Asian American features such as Honey-Miso Sea Scallops, Tea-Smoked Breast of Duck, and Pad Tai (an amazing sweet noddle dish from Thailand).The service and atmosphere of Cafe' Fresco are sure to please even the most discerning patron. Entree prices range from $19 to $38 with an average price of around $24. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at Carley's Ristorante David Denton Front Lobby

A ristorante and piano bar featuring rustic Italian dishes that include Grilled Portabella with Lump Crab, Tuna Palermo, Mascarpone Lasagna Bolognese, as well other traditional pasta dishes. Many of Carley's entrees are available “Family-Style,” a perfect option for those who want to share different meal choices. With walls fashioned from 100 year old bricks, rich wood furnishings, and the inviting glow of hundreds of candles, Carley's offers a truly enticing atmosphere perfect for relaxing and enjoying a dining experience that guaranteed to warm your heart. Entree prices range from $15 to $35 with an average price of around $25 with Family-Style options costing around 1/3rd more. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at Chars at Tracy Mansion Gretchen Little Front Lobby

Chars – Tracy Mansion is the only restaurant in Harrisburg situated on the lovely Susquehanna River. Built in 1913, the mansion has regained its long-lost elegance as this American Brasserie. Overlooking the river, The Dining Room serves as the perfect showcase for Chef Ron Canady’s celebrated menu. The warm, convivial Bar features Sal Pantano’s spirited creations, as well as our Small Plate Menu, while the McKee Library is the perfect spot for a cocktail or to relax with after dinner drinks. In The Gallery, our private room, we display a rotating exhibit of blown glass and sculptures by artists Ona Magaro and Glenn Zwyegardt. Whether it is a formal meal for a special occasion or a casual light-bite, Chars has the menu, the atmosphere and the welcoming service to make you and your guests feel special and satisfied. Entree prices range from $26 to $40 with an average price of around $30. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at El Sol Mexican Restaurant Jenny Jensen Front Lobby

If you like Mexican style food then you'll love El Sol! But don't think this is the kind of food you'll find at a typical Mexican food chain because at El Sol the fare is decidedly more refined. From dishes like Ceviche, Spicy Camarones a la Diabla, or Crab Enchiladas Verdes, the owners of El Sol create authentic Mexican dishes that excite and satisfy the palette. The El Sol kitchen staff will ensure each dish is carefully prepared and whether you like it mild or with a spicy edge, they'll be certain to accommodate your individual taste. To compliment your dining experience, El Sol offers a full-service bar so order a Jamaica Flavored Margarita or a Blue Hibiscus to complement those awesome Lobster Enchiladas. Bienvenidos! Entree prices range from $14 to $25 with an average price of around $18. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at Passage to India Jude & Susan Bienvenu Front Lobby

Let Passage to India take you on a flavor-filled journey in an authentic Indian atmosphere! With diverse recipes and culinary techniques passed down from generation to generation, Passage to India offers a wonderful dining experience. Dishes range from mild to very spicy but they will accommodate your individual preference so be sure to discuss preparation options with your server. Some of the more popular dishes include Mango Chicken, Vegetable Xaccutti (pronounced “sha-ku-tee”), Baigan Bhutta and Tandoori Chicken. Jude and Susan Bienvenu are your co-hostesses. So if you are dining with your significant other, this may be a wonderful opportunity to compare couples experiences. Dinner at Passage to India isn't just for couples, singles are welcome as well! Entree prices range from $12 to $28 with an average price of around $20. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:15pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
6:15P Dinner at the Firehouse Sara & Kendra Edwards Front Lobby

The historic Hope Station building was renovated and became home to The Fire House Restaurant. Hope Station is the oldest standing firehouse in the city of Harrisburg and is the second oldest in Pennsylvania. Inspired by a devastating fire on Christmas Eve 1813, the Harrisburg Hope Fire Company was founded in 1814. This building, Hope Station #2, was built in 1871. Wide menu selections. Prices vary between $10 and $40.
6:45P Dinner at Stock's on 2nd Suzane Oliva Front Lobby

The cuisine at Stock's is American with a lean towards Asian and Southwestern flare. The menu offers delectable entrees such as Seafood Alfredo, Risotto Cakes, or Prosciutto-wrapped Trout. Stock's also offers a wide variety of interesting appetizers like Pulled-pork French Fries, Lump Crab Fritters, or Pork Wings. In addition to its great food, Stocks offers a great atmosphere that includes an exhibition kitchen and an awesome martini bar for the most amazing cocktails. With an amazing wait staff offering the most attentive and personalized service, Stock's on Second is a great place for dinner. Entree prices range from $18 to $33 with an average price of around $25. Dinner at individual expense.

Bus leaves the hotel promptly at 6:45pm. Don't forget your bus ticket!
9:00P Keystone Dance Party Suzane Oliva Salon CDE

Come join us for the Keystone Dance Party in Salons C, D & E.
9:00P Musical Entertainment in the Dog & Pony Lounge Chris Huff Dog & Pony Lounge

They don’t make them like Chris Huff anymore. A throwback to the days when artists worked in multiple genres on the same album, his songs are impossible to pigeonhole and emerge from a spirit and desire to both experiment and play the best of pop, rock and reggae.
9:30P Couple's Friday Evening Reception SO Directors TBA

Join other couples in the SO Sanctuary for some social time.


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