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Attendee Registration

Before you start the registration process, there a few things we need to tell you about that are new to the Keystone this year. Prices and packages are the same as last year. Click on the link below to view the various prices.

Download the Attendee Packages & Pricing Matrix

Special Events
We have some extra-special activities that you have the option to add to your registration packet.

Mystery Dinner "Killing for the Crown" We know you've just been DYING to be in a beauty pageant! Join us for this years murder mystery event 'Killing for the Crown'... Prizes will be awarded for Miss Congeniality and other awards based on poise, appearance, demeanor and ruthless cunning.

Dining Etiquette Classes are offered on Thursday and Friday. Join us either Thursday or Friday." These classes are offered during lunchtime so if you would rather not hear the luncheon speaker and prefer to refine your dining etiquette, consider upgrading to this option.

Co-Events are new for 2017. Co-events are activities/events hosted by trusted organizations, businesses and people who would like to extend a special invitation to all Keystone Participants. Although these events are not directly associated with the Keystone Conference, we want to make them known to you to give you the opportunity to increase your experience while at Keystone. Some are already listed on our schedule (in brown), more will be added as we get closer. Please contact the host/hostess directly with questions.

Spouses & Significant Others (SOs) Are Very Welcome!
A hotel suite has been reserved as our 'SO Sanctuary,' a retreat for only spouses and significant others. On Friday night, we have two couples, Jude & Susan Bienvenu who are hosting dinner at Passage to India, and Sara & Kendra Edwards, who are hosting a dinner at the historic Firehouse Restaurant. Finally, our wonderful group of SOs are available to talk and answer questions before the conference. Please email them at SO@keystone-conference.org.

Nervous? Don't Know Anyone?
Our Helping Hand program is available to those who want to talk to someone before the conference and who may need a friendly face at Keystone. They will answer your questions and provide some advice on how to get the most out of your time at Keystone. You can also join the Helping Hand team each morning at 10:00 am in the Dog Pony Restaurant for 'Tea Time with Jenny'--Jenny is our Helping Hand director. Contact them at HelpingHand@keystone-conference.org.  All are welcome!

Student, Family & Youth Prices and Packages
We have programs specifically attended to students, family and youth. For more information, please visit our Student Registration and Family & Youth Registration pages.

The 'Sign In' Requirement
Signing in adds an additional layer of privacy and permits uss to better safeguard your personal & registration information. Once signed in, you're able to access the 'myConference' page where you can edit your profile information, create a nametag, add some flair, and register.

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