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In 1812, Harrisburg was designated the capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania State Capitol, built in 1906, is considered by many to be the most magnificent capitol building in the nation, with its 272-foot dome reminiscent of St. Peter's in Rome. The building is adorned by sculptures and murals, and a tile floor designed by Henry Mercer tells the story of Pennsylvania. Also located within the Capitol Complex is the Forum, a magnificent concert and lecture hall that has been home to the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra since its construction in 1931.

Harrisburg is host to the National Civil War Museum documenting the city's importance as a "station" for the Underground Railroad prior to the Civil War as well as serving as a major military post during the war. Tens of thousands of troops were trained at Camp Curtin, and Harrisburg's location along major railroad lines made it an ideal location for a supply depot. The Confederate Army tried twice to take Harrisburg, but were driven back both times. The second attempt resulted in the Skirmish of Sporting Hill, a minor battle that has the distinction of being the northernmost engagement of the Civil War.

The hotel conference site is less than 10 minutes from downtown Harrisburg, ideally located within minutes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the Harrisburg International Airport.  Right next to the hotel is a shopping mall with several other malls within 5 minutes driving distance.

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