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Frequently Asked Questions ...and answers, too!

Confirmation Policy
No registration will be honored without payment. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration and payment have been processed. If you do not receive an email within 4 days (or 10 days if mailing), please contact us at registration@Keystone-Conference.org. Mail-in registration and/or payment received after March 17, 2017 will be subject to availability.

Cancellation Policy
No cancellations will be accepted after March 17, 2017. Cancellations may be subject to a 20% handling charge, depending upon how close we are to the event. Please understand that we must make non-refundable deposits, guarantee reservations and provide accurate headcounts. To cancel, please email us at Registration@Keystone-Conference.org.

Payment Policy
Online payment via PayPal's safe and secure website is the preferred method of payment. Make your check or money order (no cash will be accepted via the mail) made out to 'TransCentralPA' and mail it to Keystone Conference, 2052 Swarr Run Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601

What is included in my Keystone Conference registration?
Your conference package determines which meals, events and activities you will be able to partake of. When you visit the Keystone Conference registration desk at the hotel, you will be given your registration packet which includes the conference program booklet, the conference badge which is your passport to the seminars/workshops/presentations, meal & activity tickets (as applicable) and various other material.

What if I have a special need?
If you require any special needs such as dietary arrangements, coordination, etc. please let us know in advance so provisions can be made at registration@Keystone-Conference.org. The Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel and Keystone Conference want to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What are the Keystone Conference workshops?
A seminar schedule will be included in your conference program booklet which is available when you check-in at the Keystone Conference registration desk. The daily seminar schedule will be posted on the website in the Schedule section of the website. We will begin posting workshops in early January and expect all workshops to be posted by mid to late February.

Who operates this conference?
Keystone Conference is hosted by TransCentralPA, a Pennsylvania non-profit 501c3 corporation that has been serving the Transgender community of Central Pennsylvania since 1989. The Keystone Conference started on our 20th anniversary to highlight and celebrate the wonderful community we are all part of. The organizers are all volunteers and our goal is to make this special event affordable for everyone, so please come join us!

What is TransCentralPA’s mission?
TransCentralPA is committed to providing education and caring support for transgendered individuals, their spouses, significant others, families, friends & allies. We are also actively involved in maintaining an outreach program to provide gender education to businesses, organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies. TransCentralPA--formerly known as the Lower Susquehanna Valley Chapter of Renaissance--has been serving the Central Pennsylvania Transgender community since 1989.

What do I wear?
As an attendee you are representing the Transgender community and hope you take pride and dress appropriately to portray a positive image. You may either dress in your birth gender, preferred gender or both, whatever you feel most comfortable in. Most people dress in business casual during the day. We even have attendees who change once, twice or three times a day--whatever you are most comfortable with! At the Saturday night Keystone Gala, the dress is business, semi-formal, or formal, please. Finally, note that the average temperature for Harrisburg at that time of the year is 50 degrees with a high of 60 and a low of 32.

Which restroom do I use?
Please use the restroom that corresponds to your gender identity and presentation and use it in an appropriate manner (i.e., women sit down to do their business). If you are a gender non-conforming or gender-queer person and are not comfortable with the choices "Men" and "Women," please look or ask for restrooms marked "Family" or "Gender Neutral." Additionally, no restrooms are to be used for undressing or changing clothing.

Can someone who is not transgender attend?
Absolutely! We welcome not only Transgendered individuals, but also their spouses, significant others, families, friends & allies. In fact, many of our seminars and workshops are specifically included to meet the needs of those that are not Transgendered, but know and care for someone who is.

Can I take photos or videotape at the conference?
We are committed to protecting our members' and guests' personal information, identity and privacy. Therefore, we ask that everyone follow basic rules of respect and courtesy, so that each of us can feel free to be our true selves. No photos may be taken without the consent of the person(s) photographed. No photos may be posted or otherwise made public in any forum without the consent of the person or all the persons who are in the photos. Please be considerate of others’ privacy during the conference.

Videotaping is discouraged, but permitted. In the unlikely event a news crew requests to film one of our presenters, the news crew must absolutely agree to not film any attendees without their explicit permission and must secure permission of the presenter. In the past, we have set up 'safe areas' in the presentation room to protect attendees' privacy.

Can someone under 18 attend the conference?
Yes! The Keystone Conference is intended as an educational event. We welcome all attendees interested in the social, medical, and legal aspects of gender diversity. We encourage the parents and/or legal guardians of individuals under the age of 18 to accompany these individuals in their quest for knowledge and understanding of this subject matter. Because of the nature of some of the topics discussed, we require that attendees under the age of 18 obtain the consent of a parent or legal guardian before they are admitted to any conference presentation. Please submit the Download the Under 18 Parental Release Form upon registration if you are under the age of 18. TransCentralPA, as conference sponsor, reserves the right to verify the age of any prospective guests and/or attendees, and to restrict admission to conference events accordingly.

Can I ship my 'stuff' to the hotel?
Yes! Hotel guests can ship items to the hotel just as an exhibitor would. The hotel will hold the boxes for you until your arrival. If you plan to ship them back to yourself, you'll need to call for and coordinate the pick-up. We highly suggest that you ship them via UPS or FedEx so that you'll have a tracking number to follow your shipment. Please address the material as follows:

[Your Name]
c/o Keystone Conference
Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel
4650 Lindle Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111

Are spouses, significant others and partners invited?
Absolutely! Not only are you welcome, but your participation is essential. We have a very active group of spouses and significant others in our area who have developed several workshops to help your relationship as well as activities to help you enjoy yourself.

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